Product list
  Cap Compression Molding Machine
  SDB-30type all-auto folding machine(folding edge machine)
  SDQ-30 Type ring-cutting machine for all-auto burglary bottle cover (notching machine)
  SD-30 Type all-auto burglary plastic botfle cover dropping
plastic machine(molding ftlachine)
  SD-30C Type Full automatic high speed cap dropping speed machine
  SDBQ-30 completely automatic flanging margin body machine
  SDT-30 Type bottle cap elevator
  Oil Cover Assembling Machine
  Bottle Cap Uncovering Machine
  Bottle Cap Combining Machine
  High speed capping machine
  SD-30A Type all-auto burglary plastic bottle cover dropping
plastic machine
  SDZ-38-100 Type cap rubbe-dropping injection machine
  SD-32 Type Crown Cap Moleing Machine(plastics-dropping machine)
  Full automatic bottle cap and gasket machine
  Cosmetic cover cap closing machine
  Special cap cutting machine

Full automatic bottle cap and gasket machine

One, equipment characteristics:
  1, instead of manual operation, automatically into the bottle cap gasket;
  2, the gasket seal reasonable, fast speed, high efficiency, safety and hygiene products;
  3, particularly suitable for the sanitary conditions require more demanding applications, to avoid material pollution two, obviates sterilization technology;
  4, driving the conveying bottle, accurate positioning;
  5, cover sorting mechanism attached cap removed features, to ensure that all the discharge cap mouth up;
  6, the efficiency is high, diameter of 30- 50mm into the cover rate of 3500-6000or so per hour;
  7,220V50Hz power 0.5KW+0.5kw power supply.
  8, compressed air consumption ( approximate ) is equal to 600NL / MIN.

Two, equipment structure:
  1, automatic cover mechanism: the messy cap arranged output, make all the cap mouth upward;
  2, a bottle cap conveying mechanism: will manage cap orderly, accurately conveyed to the gasket into the cover mechanism;
  3, the gasket into the cover body: gasket insert caps, complete shim insert caps action

Material types Solid Solid Food, daily chemical, medicine
Applicable objects Carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, skin care category Packaging Aluminum foil
Function Filling  
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