Product list
  Cap Compression Molding Machine
  SDB-30type all-auto folding machine(folding edge machine)
  SDQ-30 Type ring-cutting machine for all-auto burglary bottle cover (notching machine)
  SD-30 Type all-auto burglary plastic botfle cover dropping
plastic machine(molding ftlachine)
  SD-30C Type Full automatic high speed cap dropping speed machine
  SDBQ-30 completely automatic flanging margin body machine
  SDT-30 Type bottle cap elevator
  Oil Cover Assembling Machine
  Bottle Cap Uncovering Machine
  Bottle Cap Combining Machine
  High speed capping machine
  SD-30A Type all-auto burglary plastic bottle cover dropping
plastic machine
  SDZ-38-100 Type cap rubbe-dropping injection machine
  SD-32 Type Crown Cap Moleing Machine(plastics-dropping machine)
  Full automatic bottle cap and gasket machine
  Cosmetic cover cap closing machine
  Special cap cutting machine

SDZ-38-100 Type cap rubbe-dropping injection machine

  The rubber-dropping injection machine developed by this factory is machiy used for the preparation of such wild-mouth bottles,such as ,the me1al caps of three-spinor,four-spinor,six-spinor and spiral.This factory can also manufacture the rubber-dropping injection machine for special caps,such as wine cup cap.ring-Pull cap and cubilo se cap. The sealing gasket of such processing can make sealing structure meet the requiremens of reasonable standards:such processed intemal gasket has the characteristics of smooth surface, artistic appearance and high temperature-proof.
  The machine has reasonable desion and the functions of cap delivering,plastics-dropping rubberinjection,shaping,temperature controlling and infinitely variable speeds etc. I t possesses the advantages of small volume,high working efficiency, simple operation quantitative plastic-dropping etc and is an indispensable equipment for realizing the production in enormous quantizies for the cap manufaturers. It is in conformity with the standards of food hygiene.

技术参数 Technical parameters
生产率:1500-5000只/小时 Productivity:1500-5000gaskets/h
额定电压:380v,50Hz Rated Voltage:380V,50Hz
总耗量:6.87KW Total power consummption:6.87KW
机重:1100kg Machine Weight:1100kg
外型尺寸:1600*2500*200mm Contour dimensions:1600*2500*200mm
操作人员:1人 Operators:1
Corollary equipment:Control cabinet:1unit/rubber-dropping pump;1unit
           Heating box:1unit/conveyor,1unit
           Rubber-injection machine:1unit
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